In the “connectors” category, we offer all the necessary details that will allow you to safely and robustly mount a photovoltaic system. In our range you can find: double-threaded bolts, bolts, nuts, washers, screws, threaded rods and many others.

All connectors are made of the highest quality materials, mostly A2 stainless steel, which guarantees not only their durability, but also resistance to weather conditions.

Our connectors are easy to install and we have them in a wide range of sizes to suit the different needs and requirements of Customers. With us, you can be sure that your photovoltaic installations will be safe and durable for many years

Our products

Connectors are small but very important components of photovoltaic installations. Bolts, screws and washers help secure panels to brackets, structures, etc., so they are responsible for their stable installation. To a large extent, the proper operation and safety of the PV system depends on them. Therefore, it should be ensured that they are properly selected for a specific installation and made of the highest quality materials.

We offer a wide range of connectors for the installation of photovoltaic systems. We have options adapted to different brackets, profiles and structures.

Our range includes:

  • double-threaded bolts,
  • DIN 933 hexagon head bolts,
  • DIN 603 carriage bolts,
  • SN 1140 hammer head bolts,
  • DIN 912 Allen bolts,
  • DIN 6923 knurled flange nuts,
  • DIN 985 self-locking nuts,
  • DIN 557 square nuts,
  • SN 1139 nuts for profiles with ball – ball grooves,
  • SN 1239 threaded rods,
  • DIN 125 flat round washers,
  • DIN 9021 extended washers,
  • SN 1190 bimetal screws,
  • farmer screws,
  • zinc-plated and stainless steel base plate screws,
  • DIN 975 threaded rods,
  • Expansion pins.

Bolts and screws for photovoltaics

We offer various bolts and screws for photovoltaics made of high quality materials, including stainless steel in the popular A2 (1.4301) variety. They retain their properties for many years, even in difficult weather conditions. They are resistant to mechanical damage and to a number of harmful external factors, such as UV radiation, moisture, fire, heat or frost. Thanks to this, they provide a robust, reliable mounting.

Thanks to our bolts and screws for photovoltaics, the installation process of the entire system is easy and shorter. All components have been made so that they can reduce the time of mounting panels as much as possible, minimizing the risk of accidental damage or other errors. Moreover, our products are not only robust, but also aesthetic. We have made sure that they are easy to install and barely visible. In addition, they are resistant to rust, discolouration, etc.

Our range includes various options of connectors, adapted to various installations. Thanks to this, every Customer can find the right equipment. And if you were to experience a problem with it, you can always count on our help – we will advise which option will work best in the given case. We will strive to offer an optimal solution, including for non-standard projects.

As specialists, we have not only bolts and screws for photovoltaics, but also all other elements necessary for the installation of panels. We supply brackets for flat and oblique roofs, as well as ground structures, together with all necessary accessories. With us, you can complete a set with the necessary profiles, clamps, connectors, bridges, etc.

Connectors for photovoltaics made to order

Because we have many years of experience in the industry, we understand that certain installations require the use of personalized solutions. We not only distribute finished products, but we are also able to offer connectors for photovoltaics made to order. Using our more than 30 years of experience and a wide base of suppliers, we also offer personalized components.

In cooperation with the Customer, we create a design and then commission the finished product. At the same time, we make sure that the end result actually responds to real needs. We provide the highest quality and the best level of service at an affordable price.

Our products are a guarantee of an installation that ensures the proper operation and safety of the entire photovoltaic system. We provide full support, willingly sharing knowledge and our experience. For us, the most important thing is that the Customer can get everything they need.

Invest in reliable, proven equipment. Choose connectors for photovoltaics that you can trust. Check out the full range of our products!