The “ground structures” category offers solutions for mounting photovoltaic installations on the ground. The range includes two-support ground structures that allow the installation of 2 modules vertically or 4 modules horizontally. Thanks to this, you can freely adjust the layout of photovoltaic panels to your needs and optimally use the area you have at your disposal. In addition, we offer the possibility of ordering a structure tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the customer.

The products are made of steel coated with Magnelis® coating, which ensures durability and resistance to atmospheric factors and corrosion. Magnelis is an innovative technology that is characterized by longer service life and better corrosion protection compared to standard galvanized steel. Thanks to this, our ground structures will serve you for many years, ensuring the stability and safety of your photovoltaic installation.

Our products

Ground structures allow the installation of photovoltaic panels on the ground. Solutions of this type are very popular, because they are very easy and quickly set up. They allow convenient routing of cables and do not require work at heights. Moreover, they guarantee fire safety and are also trouble-free in maintenance or possible servicing. They are also very efficient, because the free flow of air prevents the modules from overheating on hot days.

Our range includes various options of professional ground structures. We have models tailored to various types of installations, which can be placed on virtually any type of properly prepared substrate. We help you choose the solutions that will be perfect in your situation, guaranteeing complete safety, proper operation and the highest efficiency of panels.

The most popular systems for installing photovoltaics on the ground include the following constructions:

  • two-support ground structures – 2 modules vertically
  • two-support ground structures – 4 modules horizontally

Free-standing systems for photovoltaics

The photovoltaic systems included in our range are high-quality constructions, willingly chosen by installers. All their elements are made of good quality, durable materials. They exhibit high resistance to harmful external factors, such as wind, rain and snow, UV radiation, moisture, high and low temperatures, as well as substances of organic or chemical origin. Thanks to this, they are not threatened by changing weather conditions and for many years they retain unchanged properties and appearance.

With our free-standing photovoltaic systems, an entire installation can be quickly installed. Their simple, robust construction makes the process of installing panels as short as possible.

It is of great importance for us that our range meets different expectations. This means that every customer will find with us all the components necessary to properly establish a specific option of a photovoltaic system. If necessary, our experienced service will advise you on what would be best to choose. We strive to find the best solution even with more unusual designs and conditions.

When you buy free-standing photovoltaic systems, you can also choose all other necessary elements and installation accessories. We have various brackets, clamps, bolts, adapters, etc. Thanks to this, you can complete the set of necessary equipment in one place, so that you can immediately begin installation.

Ground constructions for photovoltaic panels made to order

Standard solutions do not always work, so in order to meet the needs of our Customers, we also offer ground constructions for photovoltaic panels made to order. We design and manufacture personalized installations tailored to specific customer requirements.

We not only sell installation equipment, but we also produce according to the investor’s guidelines. If you want to have a guarantee that the panels will be installed correctly, it is sometimes worth choosing a special solution. Together, we will determine the details so that the final result meets all expectations.

We guarantee many years of safety and efficiency of a photovoltaic installation. If you have any questions while browsing the products, please contact us. Our consultants will explain everything precisely.

Decide on the best solution. Robust equipment is the foundation. Make sure that a photovoltaic system works the best it can for many long years Check out our full range of ground structures!