In the ‘mounting profiles” category you will find a wide selection of rails that are necessary for mounting photovoltaic installations. Our range includes mounting rails for hexagon bolts and for hammer bolts, which are used in most PV constructions.

The standard profiles we offer are in five lengths: 2.20 m, 2.42 m, 3.30 m, 4.40 m and 6.60 m. However, if you need profiles of different length, we can produce them for you to order. All our profiles are made of high quality aluminium, which guarantees their durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Our mounting profiles are easy to install and are ideal for photovoltaic installations on a roof or on the ground. Thanks to our mounting profiles, you can be sure that your photovoltaic installations will be stable and safe. Take advantage of our range and choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Our products

Mounting profiles for photovoltaic installations are very important elements that allow the mounting of panels to brackets using clamps. They have a huge impact on whether the modules will be robustly installed on a roof or on a ground structure, so they should be properly selected. Not only the safety of the system depends on them, but also the durability of the entire installation. Therefore, when completing the equipment, it is worth ensuring that these elements represent the highest quality of workmanship.

As a company specializing in the wholesale selling of structures and accessories for the installation of photovoltaic installations, we have a wide selection of professional mounting profiles. With their help, various options of PV systems can be set up in accordance with all requirements and standards.

In our range there are various options of rails/straps, tailored to specific conditions and parameters, including:

  • mounting profiles for hexagonal bolts,
  • mounting profiles for hammer bolts.

Mounting rails for photovoltaic panels

All our mounting rails for photovoltaic panels are made of good quality, robust aluminium. They exhibit high resistance to mechanical damage, as well as a number of harmful external factors. UV radiation, moisture, low/high temperatures, fire or organic/chemical compounds do not affect their properties. The elements are designed to have the greatest possible resistance to changing weather conditions.

With our photovoltaic panel mounting rails, the process of installing the entire installation is very simple and takes little time. They minimize the effort of employees and at the same time reduce the risk of e.g. accidental damage to the module.

We consider not only the technical parameters of our equipment, but also its appearance. In addition to the usual standard silver profiles, we also offer options in black colour, so that they look as good as possible and are as invisible as possible.

Because we have different options of mounting rails for photovoltaic panels, every Customer will find the right solution with us. We are happy to advise you which option will be the best in your situation and help you choose all the necessary equipment. We will strive to offer an optimal solution, including for more difficult, non-standard projects – we are happy to take on challenges.

When ordering mounting profiles, you can also complete the set with all other necessary elements to install PV installations on a flat/oblique roof or ground. Our range includes blanking covers and connectors for rails, as well as brackets, clamps, bridges, bolts, adapters, washers and cable clips.

Mounting straps made to order

For some projects, it is necessary to use an unusual solution. Because we are not only a distributor, but also an importer of equipment for installing photovoltaic installations, we can offer mounting straps made to order.

In cooperation with the Customer, we prepare the design of the elements and then commission their production in accordance with the agreed guidelines. We make sure that the final result has the correct parameters. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we can prepare personalized components in a relatively short time.

We are sure that our mounting rails allow you to get the correct operation of the installation, the highest efficiency and complete safety for many years If you need any additional information, our service will be happy to answer your questions. We will explain everything precisely, and if needed we will provide advice.

Trust professionals who have been selling photovoltaic systems for years. Choose robust, reliable and affordable mounting profiles. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full range of products and accessories!